CATEX 2017 Virtual Exercise
June 20, 2017
@11:00am to 3:00pm ET
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A New Virtual Exercise Process To Expedite Decision Making During Regional Disaster & Incidents
When:  Tuesday, June 20, 2017 from 11am to 3pm ET
What Is CATEX?

CATEX (Catastrophic Exercise) is a regional, email based multi-year exercise series being conducted by multiple states and private sector organizations that focuses on rapid restoration of power and supply-chain sectors following disasters in the Eastern U.S. and Canada.

  Enhancing Multi-State Disaster/Security Response Coordination & Sensitive Information Sharing for Industry & Government
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Tuesday, 6/20/2017, 11am to 3pm ET
Learn how to use these 4 unique apps during the next regional emergency or incident
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How will CATEX 2017 benefit you?
Benefit  #3:
CATEX creates opportunities for
government and industry to create
and test operational solutions (apps, data, websites, etc..) to address persistent disaster management and business continuity issues...

makes decision making faster and builds an "disaster app store" that houses an ever growing pool of ongoing apps, solutions, partnerships and data sets that all can use
Benefit  #2:
CATEX creates process improvements
between states and the private sector
in support of disaster management
and information sharing...

improves ongoing planning, response
and recovery efforts

Benefit  #1:
CATEX expedites sensitive operational
information sharing during regional
security/disaster incidents...

provides access to faster more reliable information
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